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Discounted MNT courses

June 29th, 2015

We are working with MNT to offer all our nannies huge discounts on some of their most popular courses!

Please get in touch if you are thinking of taking up any of these and we can give you the code:

-      OCN Maternity Practitioner Award, learner will receive a £25 discount on the usual course fee. Just so you are aware, we are currently offering a Summer discount for the Maternity Practitioner Award Course – reduced from £555 to £400 but only until 31 July. Therefore, the learner is getting considerably more than the £25 discount.  

-      For any candidates interested in becoming registered with Ofsted on the Voluntary Register, candidates enrolling onto the Common Core Skills Course get a £15 discount on the usual course fee for the learner.  

NB: To benefit from the discount, learners will need to call the MNT office on 0844 826 8446 to make the booking. The discount won’t be applied if they enrol online.

Upcoming First Aid Courses:

January 23rd, 2015

Dear all,



Please see the next available Paediatric First Aid 12hr courses which will be running in Reading and let me know if you wish to book a place:

 Dates: 18th January & 1st February 2015
Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm
Venue: Bishopswood Day Nursery, Horsepond Road, Gallowstree Common, Reading, 
Berkshire RG4 9BT
Cost: £65.00 per person


Dates: 1st & 15th March 2015
Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm
Venue: Bishopswood Day Nursery, Horsepond Road, Gallowstree Common, Reading, 
Berkshire RG4 9BT
Cost: £65.00 per person


Dates: 26th April & 10th May 2015
Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm
Venue: Bishopswood Day Nursery, Horsepond Road, Gallowstree Common, Reading, 
Berkshire RG4 9BT
Cost: £65.00 per person


Dates: 21st June & 5th July 2015
Time: 9.00am – 3.30pm
Venue: Bishopswood Day Nursery, Horsepond Road, Gallowstree Common, Reading, 
Berkshire RG4 9BT
Cost: £65.00 per person

From 1st October 2014 NMW is £6.50/hour for over 21s

October 2nd, 2014

News from NannyTax:


How to check whether a nanny is paid on or above the National Minimum Wage…

If the nanny is paid weekly, simply divide their gross weekly wage by the number of hours they work.

If the nanny is paid monthly then multiply their gross monthly salary by 12 to get their annual salary, then divide by 52 to get their weekly salary. You can then divide this weekly salary by the number of hours worked per week to see if the National Minimum Wage is applied. 
The National Minimum Wage does not usually apply for live in nannies. 
Click here for more information about NMW

The Importance of having an Employment Contract with your Nanny

January 29th, 2014


When a nanny comes to work for you, looking after your house and your children, she is working for you in her capacity as an employee and you will be her employer.  In the vast majority of cases a nanny cannot be self-employed and therefore as an employer you have the same obligations as a commercial employer (please refer to for more details). These responsibilities are to provide good working conditions, a reasonable salary, an employment contract and make tax and national insurance arrangements to cover yourself and your nanny. In addition the law requires you to:

• Register as an employer

• Set up and operate a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme on your nanny’s behalf

• Keep tax records on their behalf

• Provide your nanny with regular pay slips

• Provide them with an employment contract

• Pay regular income tax and National Insurance Contributions

• Pay employer’s National Insurance Contributions

• File an employer’s annual tax return

• Have employer’s liability insurance in place.

This all sounds very onerous but in fact if you get a payroll agency to do the registration, payslips and tax for you (e.g. Parental Choice and talk to a childcare insurer for the insurance, all of these can be easily taken care of, leaving the employment contract.

Sarah-Jane Butler, founder of Parental Choice, the essential “one-stop shop” to help you combine career with childcare. For more information on your career and childcare options, see the Parental Choice website:

Our partner, PARENTAL CHOICE has provided an HMRC Update For Employers Of Nannies And Domestic Workers – January 2014

January 16th, 2014



The Department for Work and Pensions have provided us with the Statutory Payment rates that will apply from next tax year (together with a lot of other useful information):

From 6 April 2014:

Anyone employing a nanny will have to register as an employer if they are paying over £111 a week.


The personal allowance is going up to £10,000 meaning that if your nanny is on a gross salary she will receive an extra £560 a year with no further cost to you.


The NIC threshold has increased to £153 meaning an employer will only start paying national insurance if their nanny earns above £153 a week.





Statutory Maternity Pay is increasing from £136.78 per week to £138.18. The first 6 weeks of statutory maternity leave will be paid at 90% of average weekly earnings for the previous two months, whilst the following 33 weeks will be paid at the lower of 90% of weekly earnings or SMP. Please note that under the Small Employer’s Relief scheme, if your nanny is entitled to SMP according to statutory regulations, then you will be entitled to recover 100% of any SMP paid plus 3% NI compensation. Most domestic employers will fall into this category.

Statutory Sick Pay is increasing from £86.70 to £87.55 per week and will be payable where an employee who earns at least £111 per week is absent for at least 4 consecutive working days. However from April 2014, employers will not be able to reclaim SSP from HMRC. This means that any statutory sick pay is now the employer’s responsibility.

If an employee has another period of sickness absence within 8 weeks of the previous absence, SSP is usually payable from the 1st day of sickness rather than the 4th, provided that the employee has been sick for at least 4 consecutive working days.




Many of you will have heard that from April 2014, all businesses would be exempt from the first £2,000 of Employer NI contributions each year. Unfortunately this exemption, included within the National Insurance Contributions Bill specifically excludes employers of nannies and other domestic staff from claiming this benefit.




For those of you that have registered as an employer but are not currently employing a nanny, please be aware that from October 2013, if there has been no activity on the scheme after 120 days it will be automatically reviewed to see if it can be cancelled.

A scheme will be considered as having no activity on it where

• you have made no submissions using PAYE in Real Time

• you have not made any payments to HMRC

• you are not an annual payer

• there is no evidence that you want to claim CIS Deductions Suffered

• you have not received an advance from HMRC

• you have not had any periods of Construction Industry liability

• there is no evidence that you have had any employees

• there is no evidence that Class 1A NIC is due.

Where none of these conditions apply your employer scheme will be cancelled and a letter issued to you to advise you of the action taken. Once the scheme has been cancelled you will not be able to submit any PAYE submissions. If your scheme should not have been cancelled the letter covers who you should contact in HMRC to request that your scheme is reopened. However, our payroll department will continue to send monthly returns to HMRC if you are without a nanny, but want to keep the payroll open because you intend coming back into the employer role.




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