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As an employment agency we charge a one off placement fee or booking fee, depending on the type of childcare needed. After that, you become the nanny’s employer and are responsible for paying her salary and Tax and NI on her behalf.


Full time permanent staff                                                                   £875.00

(staff employed for over 6 weeks, 40 hours or more)

Part time permanent staff

Any days (but more than 20 hours)                                                       £775.00

Five days (but less than 20 hours per week)                                       £675.00

Four days (or part days, less than 20 hours per week)                      £575.00

Three days (or part days, less than 20 hours per week)                     £475.00

Two days (or part days, less than 20 hours per week)                        £375.00

One day or part day                                                                                    £275.00

Temporary/Emergency cover

Per day £20.00 (agency booking fee), plus £10/ hour pay for the nanny, minimum booking of 4 hours.

 Per week £75.00, up to a maximum £675.00

Evening Babysitting

Registration Fee £100.00 /year (it gives access to unlimited bookings*)

Or just £10.00 /booking.

Evening Babysitting rates (payable on the day directly to the babysitter)

are: £8.00/ hour (minimum charge £32.00) and £10/hour after midnight, babysitters are usually available from 6.30pm.

Please send your payment within 10 days of the invoice date and make cheques payable to Coralis Childcare Agency Ltd. For further information refer to our Terms and Conditions.

No VAT will be charged in addition to the fees detailed above.

Updated January 2017

How to book

It's easy to organise childcare with Coralis. You can call us directly on 0118 9507514 or fill in a simple form.

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